Lamborghini Recalls 144 Aventadors in the US

 Lamborghini has announced the recall of 144 Avantador supercars, from the 2012 model year, in order to fix an issue with the car’s headlights, in the US. The $390,000 model was apparently fitted with headlights from a faulty batch, and the vertical alignment for the beams did not work, and they were only horizontally-adjustable.
Lamborghini Aventador 1 photo
The affected cars, manufactured between July 15, 2011 and April of 2012, will be recalled to the dealership, where specialists will re-tune the faulty headlights, by disabling the horizontal adjustment, and enabling it on their vertical axis.

The recall begins at the end of December, and Lamborghini will soon begin notifying the owners of the 144 cars. However, this is a minor niggle, in a car which is currently one of the most modern and best looking on the road, and since it is not a serious flaw, its owners will most likely not be bothered, as the rest of the car is just so good.

Still, Lambos are very rarely recalled, and this is due, in no small part, to the implication of Audi in the manufacturing process, and they are some of the best-build Italian cars on the road.


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