Lamborghini Huracan "Yikes" Crash Sees Spyder Wedged Under Honda Civic

Low and wedge-shaped, Lamborghinis have always been ideal for crashing under another car. We've seen dozens of such incidents over the years, but the latest is correctly described by the word "yikes," which WGN TV just used on Facebook.
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Photo: Lamborghini Huracan "Yikes" Crash Sees Spyder Wedged Under Honda CivicLamborghin
Lamborghini Huracan "Yikes" Crash Sees Spyder Wedged Under Honda Civic
According to the local reports, a couple were on their way to dinner last Friday. The driver says he was hit by another car and instead of breaking he accidentally pressed the accelerator. That right there is another yikes moment.

I love the word "yikes." Like "lol," it doesn't mean anything specific, but I think most people use it to express a gut-wrenching feeling of watching something bad happen to somebody else. Did you drop your new iPhone moments after buying it? Yikes! Proposed to your girl on the jumbotron but she said no? Feels bad man... yikes!

This will probably be remembered as the "yikes" Lamborghini crash. It's helped by the fact that the incident is just very unfortunate, but not tragic in any way. Nobody was hurt, and the couple say they are going to look for a brand new supercar on Monday.

What makes this Lambo crash interesting is the fact that it's the Spyder model. With no roof up, it's not supposed to have as much structural rigidity. But from the photos, it looks like the full weight of the Honda Civic is resting on the windshield. That sucker is really strong, and the engineers who made the added braces for the roadster conversion are probably going to give themselves a pad on the back when they hear about this.

Both the occupants of the supercar were unscathed, but they vacated it in a hurry, as gas was reportedly leaking. As for the Civic, it appears unoccupied. While it sucks to have your car crashed into while parked, this makes for a really cool story. And I think people who can afford to buy a brand new supercar a few days after crashing will have no problems reimbursing the Honda owner.

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