Lamborghini Huracan Offroading Is Like a Ballerina Mud Wrestling

Every now and then, the world wide web delivers a clip of a supercar used unlike its maker's intentions and the most recent feat of the kind involves a Lamborghini getting some rugged terrain abuse.
Lamborghini Huracan Offroading 5 photos
Lamborghini Huracan OffroadingLamborghini Huracan OffroadingLamborghini Huracan OffroadingLamborghini Huracan Offroading
We're not talking about some aging Gallardo getting hooned on the grass. Oh no. Instead, we're looking at a Huracan getting driven on a surface no supercar should ever meet.

When the Raging Bull in question ran out of road, its driver decided to accept the challenge and continue the journey. Nevertheless, given the nature of the terrain laying in front of the Sant'Agata Bolognese machine, the one handling the car decided to turn to directions coming from a "co-driver" sitting outside the car.

Fortunately, the special help, along with the Lambo's assets (read: nose lift system and all-wheel-drive) meant that the 610 hp machine made it over the rugged section without experiencing any issues.

Who knows? Perhaps the driver of the Huracan just couldn't wait for the Italian automotive producer to bring the Urus to the market. Speaking of which, we'll remind you that the Italian SUV isn't scheduled to hit the road until mid-2018.

As for the Huracan, the kind of driving seen here was also made possible by the unprecedented usability of the mid-engined animal.

You see, while any Lamborghini obviously deserves a special place in the garage that is our heart, the Huracan has a special status, having marked the debut of a new era for the carmaker.

After decades of producing machines that were anything but friendly to those manhandling them, Lamborghini decided to give us something that, with a bit of effort, could be used for daily driving purposes.

The only drawback related to this has to do with the slight understeer tendencies of the Huracan, but that was addressed by introducing the Nurburgring-taming Performante - the special edition managed to lap the Green Hell is a stunning 6:52, remember?


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