Lamborghini Grand Tourer Rendered, Out for McLaren GT Blood

With fans crying for the return of the front-engined Lamborghini Grand Tourer for decades, there's only so much the Raging Bull can do without turning to a platform that's not its own.
Lamborghini Huracan Grand Tourer Rendered 1 photo
Besides, the Italian automotive producer's current pathway means it sits below the 10,000 units per year mark, so designing a platform for a fourth model line that would sit alongside the Huracan, Aventador and Urus also seems unlikely.

So, what could Sant'Agata Bolognese do to cater to the transportation needs of customers who long for machines labeled as GTs? For one thing, the Italians could play with the Huracan chassis and give us a mid-engined Grand Tourer.

The move is not new, with its most recent application involving the McLaren GT, but it remains effective, since the transformation the platform goes through compared to its supercar base are manageable.

Of course, front the suspension and the steering, through the engine and the gearbox, to the cabin, there are plenty of areas that need to be retouched en route to the new cozy continent blitzer philosophy.

In theory, Lamborghini is already working at full capacity, which is why, for instance, the company claims it can't even put the Sterrato into production. At least this is the view Lamborghini EMEA CEO Andrea Baldi delivered in an interview we had earlier this year. Then again, perhaps the overwheling positive feedback to the jacked-up Huracan will determine the automaker to change its mind.

However, just like the recent appearance of the Sian took us by surprise, we can''t ignore the possibility of Lamborghini pulling a GT on us.

Meanwhile, I've brought along a splendid rendering to help us pass the time. Envisioned by young designer Esa Mustonen, this pixel play can keep one dreaming for hours, while appearing to tick all the boxes mentioned above.


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