Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Gets Turned into Police Cruiser

It pays to work for the Italian State Police if you're into supercars. Over the past years, la Polizia Statale has received a number of Lamborghinis which were not just for publicity or for show, but actually pulled a lot of miles under their hoods.

Now, Lamborghini has come to replace the last Gallardo they had donated to the Italian force in 2004, with a new model, the LP560-4. This baby is jam-packed with gadgets to make a policeman's life easier and a law-breaker's a living nightmare. With its 560 hp engine it can reach 203 mph so if you think you can outrun this car, think again.

Outside the custom paint job and the sirens, the Lamborghini received a hoard of other improvements. It has a license-reading system, real-time transmission of images back to a control room, GPS, in addition to the already classic gadgets that a police car comes equipped with. And once this car pulls you over, there's no denying that you committed an infraction, but just to show you what you've done, the car has a removable screen with the video where you were caught red-handed.

And seeing as how the other cars were also used as emergency transport vehicles, the car's boot is fitted with a specialized refrigeration system that is used for transporting donor organs. But don't go thinking that just anyone will get to drive this baby. In order to qualify to get behind the Lambo's wheel, you'll have to get special training, and not just with the car, also with the equipment.

The car will begin service for the Lazio Highway Police Department. Aside from the crime-busting and preventing duties, this car is also for showmanship, as it will more than likely be the head of the parade for the traditional “Festa di Polizia” in Rome that takes place every year.
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