Lamborghini Gallardo Becomes a Hearse

The owner of the black Gallardo in the adjacent image wanted to use the car for his funeral company, something that would've been fine by us, if he had used a scheme similar to that of Jon Olsson's Gallardo. However, he turned out to be a real douchebag, writing some really dumb messages on the car.
Lamborghini Gallardo HearseHearse 1 photo
As you can see, the windshield sticker says "2Fast 2Funerals" - he found this as being fit for the car, since he runs a company that handles emergency funeral services. The decalls on the hood and sides, which use Romanian (the car is registered in Bucharest, Romania's capital) read "Bellu and Sons - Emergency Funeral Services".

What can we say? This is probably a case that proves to be an exception to the "no bad advertising" rule...


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