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There I was, minding my own business, when suddenly, I got a message from one of my editors-in-chief. But, instead of getting mad that I was caught in the middle of vacuuming my house, I decided to listen because the words "Lamborghini" and "bicycle" were uttered in the same phrase.
Lamborghini and 3T Bicycles 17 photos
Photo: 3T for Automobili Lamborghini / Edited by autoevolution
Strada (Arancio Apodis) and Racemax (Verde Selvans0Lamborghini and 3T BicyclesRacemax (Oro Elios)Lamborghini and 3T BicyclesLamborghini and 3T BicyclesLamborghini and 3T BicyclesLamborghini and 3T BicyclesLamborghini and 3T BicyclesStrada (Arancio Apodis)Racemax (Verde Selvans)Strada (Arancio Apodis)Lamborghini and 3T BicyclesRacemax (Verde Selvans)Strada (Viola Pasifae)Lamborghini and 3T BicyclesExploro Racemax X Huracan Sterrato
In late 2022, the world got news of a bicycle bearing the famed Lamborghini logo and name. It's been dubbed the Exploro Racemax X Huracan Sterrato, and it's not just the work of Lamborghini but also another Italian crew known for designing and building bicycles, 3T. Yes, the one and the same that already help renowned motorsports brands to occupy a place in the mobility and cycling industry. And it's not just Italians that call upon the powers of 3T; BMW has been working with this crew for years.

Now, to understand how we've arrived at an entirely new lineup of bikes from the bull, we need to dive deeper into the past, or the Exploro Racemax. Here, Lambo and 3T crafted a bicycle that's aimed at one of the hottest growing trends in cycling, gravel biking. With 3T's proprietary carbon layup and resin injection methods, a two-wheeling machine, like very few others, was born. Did I mention that these buggers are going for a solid €15,000 ($16,200)? Yup, and they're not even electric! Nothing but carbon fiber, top-shelf components, and a cycling experience that'll have the whole town looking at you. I think it's safe not to mention that this thing is sporting Pirelli rubbers.

Well, based on the success, or lack thereof - we don't know how many Exploro models were sold - these two crews have announced the birth of another two bikes, each with distinctive colors and peak components, but a price tag that won't leave you wondering what you'll be eating for the next year or so. The Racemax and Strada are the new bikes, and as you can imagine, the Racemax is a gravel-destined machine, much like the original Exploro, and the Strada is, well, use your brain; for the streets! Time to dive in a bit deeper and see what Lambo-branded gear you can get your hands on these days.

Racemax \(Verde Selvans\)
Photo: 3T Bike
Now, let's start with the Strada because this bugger differs slightly from the Racemax. What makes it different, aside from the type of terrain it's meant to be ridden on, which dictates the entire geometry of a bicycle, is that it's aimed at nothing more than aerodynamics, comfort, and above all, speed. Overall, each bugger is built with "unidirectional pre-preg carbon," with some of the highest strength and performance you can get. And I'm not talking about just the frame either; every other component, like the wheels, handlebar, stem, and a couple of others, are all carbon too. For shifting, nothing but a wireless Rival AXS cassette with 12 speeds works in unison with a Force D1 AXS derailleur and a pair of D1 AXS brakes too. Just touch and go.

But there's a tad more to the Strada that we can see. The bike is designed with two distinctive "zones" in its geometry. At the front of the Strada, a "speed zone" is in place to help you get the speed you want, while the rear includes a "comfort zone." Here, a curved seat tube is integrated within the frame, acting much like a leaf spring, softening up hits taken up from the road. Overall, 3T and the golden bull are asking for a solid €9,000 ($9,700 at current exchange rates) before they dish out any of the four color variations in place.

As for the Racemax, again, Lambo and 3T seem to be aiming for the growing gravel biking industry because these buggers are tuned for nothing more than rocky-road domination, just like the Exploro. Here, we're told that 3T goes to town again with "in-house filament winding," giving birth to a one-of-a-kind machine that you can't get anywhere else. Maybe China figured out how to get its hands on this tech; probably not. If you haven't picked up on the fact that these babies are made by hand, now's the time to take that information in.

Strada \(Viola Pasifae\)
Photo: 3T Bike
Once that frame has been laid down, the air is sucked out (vacuuming of the mold), and resin injected, the result is a bike aimed at nothing more than off-road dominance, well, off-asphalt, I'd say. However, speed also seems to be the name of the game because these buggers are built like very few gravel monsters I've seen before; aerodynamics and comfort are once again part of the magic these bikes unfold.

After throwing on some more carbon components, adding a 3T crankset, an SRAM AXS setup once again, and 40 mm Pirelli rubbers, the Racemax is going for €9,900 ($10,700). Be sure to check out all four colors here, too, because all of them, including the ones in the Strada lineup, are inspired by "iconic Lamborghini super sports cars."

At the end of the day, the only way to figure out if any of these buggers is for you is by being a die-hard cyclist, or a true Lamborghini fan, in which case, you wouldn't want to ride a work of art, would you? Of course you would!
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Editor's note: Images in the gallery include all bikes from the 3T and Lamborghini collaboration.

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