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Lamborghini Debuts New Online Store

In case you're one of the many Lamborghini fans out there and your only dream is to buy one of the models produced by the Raging Bull, it won't happen. We're sorry to be the ones to ruin your dreams, but let's be serious, how often does it happen to raise enough money to buy a Lamborghini unless you're already rich?

Either way, you can always choose a replica or at least, buy one of the many things wearing Lambo's badge and be as proud as a Gallardo owner... OK, not that proud, but you get the point. Now you have the chance to buy the products included in the Collezione Automobili Lamborghini online through the company's brand new e-commerce site.

“The Lamborghini e-commerce store continues our brand extension strategy of offering high-end products that allow our customers to embody the spirit of our super sports cars in all aspects of their lives,” said Stephan Winkelmann, President and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. “Our fans and customers will find that the Lamborghini online store offers access to a more glamorous and exclusive world consistent with the Automobili Lamborghini brand.”

In just a few words, everything you want will be there in Lamborghini's online store. For example, you can purchase clothing from menswear, ladieswear, juniors and children’s collections, accessories, collectibles, gifts, model vehicles, posters and much more, obviously each product wearing a pretty high price.

Of course, buying this kind of stuff online doesn't really help if you're one of the guys we were talking about in the introduction but, if you want to take a glimpse into Lambo's new store, follow this link.


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