Lamborghini CEO Defines the Future for Electric Lamborghinis and the V12

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Stephan Winkelmann interviewStephan Winkelmann interviewStephan Winkelmann interviewStephan Winkelmann interviewLamborghini Countach
If you're a Lambo fan like we are, then you might be wondering what the company looks like when all of the models are electrified. Thankfully, the brand's CEO has just defined a little about their plans and what aspects are still totally up in the air.
What is an electric Lamborghini when every other brand's main EV can do 0-60 in 3 seconds or less? Well, now we know that the future might not be so bleak. In a recent interview, Stephan Winkelmann told Yahoo! that the brand is planning four main offerings.

That includes two super sports cars and two more mainstream vehicles. The Aventador is due for a full replacement. That leaves the Huracan and Urus which are both young enough that they won't go anywhere soon.

Winkelmann says that the fourth model will be a fully electric vehicle set to debut sometime in 2027 or 2028. He also says that the entire lineup will be hybridized by 2024. Currently, there isn't a certain plan for the V12, but Stephan expressed some hope.

The brand knows that by 2030 they might have to switch to biofuels or something else, but they're waiting for regulations to be set forth before they commit to one plan or another.

It's nice to hear that the V12 might be able to continue on in some major fashion. It does make us wonder, though, what happens if the all-electric, more mainstream vehicle is lightning quick like other high-end EVs.

It has to be, right? So is it possible that the flagship Lamborghini could be slower than an electric Lamborghini crossover or sedan? That would certainly be an odd situation. Nevertheless, we can't complain about the idea of more fast bulls.

It's also likely that Lamborghini will follow the same sort of game plan used in the Sian. Instead of using a heavy battery, that car utilizes a much lighter supercapacitor to store and discharge energy instantly.

Filling torque that way could be one way that the brand can keep the V12 as the centerpiece while still technically selling a fully hybrid lineup.

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