Lamborghini Bulldog Is the Urus With a Range Rover Face Swap

A couple of days ago, we watched the Range Rover Sport SVR be absolutely destroyed by a Lamborghini Urus. We felt a little bad for the British bombshell and wished Land Rover would have a Urus of its own.
Range Rover Bulldog is a Lamborghini Urus With an SVR Face Swap 1 photo
Photo: superrenderscars/Instagram
Alas, Range Rovers are 'stuck' powering themselves with 5.0-liter V8s that can 'only' produce up to about 570 horsepower. And that's simply not enough in a world of Teslas and Bugattis. You've got to feel a little sorry for the influencers whose parents could only afford to buy them a Range Rover. Also, for Yiannimize, because he's got some of these too.

If we owned an SVR right now, some paint stripper would go over the hood to expose the carbon fiber and Lamborghini badges would be liberally applied everywhere. However, this entertaining rendering does the exact opposite thing.

It's a Lamborghini SUV pretending to be British, thanks to an SVR front end that's been swapped onto it by superrenderscars. What makes this fun is that never in the history of Lamborghini has it imitated British cars. Even the LM002 was more of an American army truck than a Land Rover.

If the two companies ever collaborated in some way, the Urus would probably suffer. Maybe you'd see diesel engines being installed for the sake of better fuel consumption or an off-road suspension lift.

On the other hand, Land Rover undoubtedly needs a twin-turbo V8 like the Urus has one. This 4.0-liter is derived from the one Audi and Bentley use. Porsche also managed to impress us recently with its amazing new Panamera Turbo S, and that too is powered by the V8.

It has been rumored that BMW would give LR access to its 4.4-liter twin-turbo setup with a maximum output of about 520 horsepower. That would be an interesting start, but it still wouldn't win drag races.

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