Lamborghini Aventador vs. Ferrari F12 1/2-Mile Drag Race Is Downright Brutal

When a Lamborghini Aventador drag races a Ferrari F12, you know you're in for a memorable treat. And this is precisely what took place during a recent velocity event held in California.
Lamborghini Aventador vs. Ferrari F12 1/2-Mile Drag Race 4 photos
Lamborghini Aventador vs Ferrari F12 1/2-Mile RaceLamborghini Aventador vs Ferrari F12 1/2-Mile RaceLamborghini Aventador vs Ferrari F12 1/2-Mile Race
Dubbed Never Lift Half-Mile, the speed gathering we're talking about stayed true to its name, with the participants pushing their machines to the limit on an airfield.

The said Fezza and Lambo made for one of the most special pairs at the event, with the two putting on a monster show. The racing action saw the two gaining momentum for a rolling start, with their trap speeds measured at the end of the half-mile sprint.

Speaking of which, the footage documenting the battle doesn't include the said numbers. However, when the YouTube label behind the video was asked about this in the comments section of the clip, the reply came sfitly and we were told that Italian beasts managed to hit 154 mph (make that 248 km/h).

However, this is the kind of race where the devil is in the details, so the figures are of lesser importance. For one thing, the aural part of the experience is probably the juiciest bit.

For starters, both the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta and the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 are animated by naturally aspirated V12s, with these engines delivering a stunning duet.

As for the state of the Sant'Agata Bolognese and the Maranello machines, we can notice a few mods in the video. For instance, the Raging Bull packs a custom wing and, judging by its soundtrack, it also comes with an aftermarket exhaust.

As for the Prancing Horse, this could also pack a tuning exhaust (since the factory unit isn't as vocal as certain owners wish, many have turned to such a solution).

So you should remember to turn up the volume before reaching for that "play" button.

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