Lamborghini Aventador: Stock Exhaust vs Newport Beach

The Lamborghini Aventador is one mean machine, with the Italian carmaker making sure that the 7-liter V12 engine of the car sings to the audience whenever it’s drinking petrol. However, there will always be some that want more, and this is where the tuning world steps in.
The adjacent clip shows 2 Aventadors riding on the streets of London, one of the best cities in the world for those who want to spot supercars and exotic vehicles. One of the cars comes with the standard exhaust, while the other uses a Newport Beach one, and, despite the fact that the audio quality is not the best we’ve heard, you can tell the difference.

Thus, the clip allows you to see if the stock Aventador exhaust is enough for you, or if you need to turn to aftermarket developers in order to be pleased with the Lambo.


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