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Lamborghini Aventador Seized for Unpaid Road Tax Is the Definition of “Cheap”

You’d think being able to afford a car worth at least a couple of hundred thousand pounds would mean you can afford to pay a meager tax road. But you’d be wrong, as evidenced by this particular driver that’s gone viral.
Lamborghini Aventador seized because driver failed to pay a meager road tax 3 photos
Lamborghini Aventador seized because driver failed to pay a meager road taxLamborghini Aventador seized because driver failed to pay a meager road tax
The incident was publicized by the Isle of Wight Police on social media in what could be described as an attempt to shame the driver and, in the process, deter others from being this irresponsible and, ultimately, cheap. Pay your road taxes, regardless of you’re driving a tin can on wheels or a fancy Aventador.

“Even £300k Supercars require road tax to be driven on our roads!” the post reads. “The driver of a Lamborghini Aventador saw his car recovered in Newport this evening as the tax had expired in August 2020.”

So the police pulled this man over and discovered he had not paid his road tax for more than half a year. Because the Brits are very serious about stuff like this, the car got seized, loaded onto a flatbed, and taken to the impound lot. The owner will be able to take it back, of course, if he pays his overdue taxes in time and the impound fee. If he doesn’t do that in 30 days, authorities could send the supercar to the crusher.

Yahoo! News Australia notes that vehicles in the UK are subjected to a higher road tax if their carbon emissions are higher and their value is over £40,000 ($55,000). That said, the maximum estimate this driver probably owed was a meager £475 ($660), which, sure, is a decent amount of money but is still nothing compared to the price of the car.

Understandably, given the sharp contrast, users were quick to roast the dude in comments to the original post. In between mocking his Joker-worthy car (which proves beauty is really in the eye of the beholder) and saying not paying taxes saves enough money to afford it, only a few have come to his defense. Forgetting important stuff, like paying a tax, can and does happen to everyone.


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