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Lamborghini Aventador Launch Control in Action

Gone are the days when you had to battle the clutch of a V12-powered Lambo and had to struggle to get the perfect launch. The Raging Bull’s current V12 beast, the Aventador, comes with a launch control feature and we’ve brought along a video that demonstrates how this works.
The car has been placed in the Corsa mode, which allows the Independent Shifting Rods gearbox to offer neck-snapping changes. The drivers steps on the gas, the revs climb to 5,000 rpm and Bang! the car sets off with the four massive tires struggling to place the 700 hp on the road.

On this try, the 62 mph mark was left behind on 2.9 seconds and from there on the supercar keeps accelerating like it’s chasing a pray. Of course, this game also comes with a delicious soundtrack and it’s like each of the twelve cylinders is trying to impress you more than its brothers.


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