Lamborghini Aventador Gets Heat-Sensitive Ironman Paint Job Worth $35,000

A few years ago, many voices in the supercar aftermarket industry were rushing to announced the death of paint, as wraps had seemed to take over. Well, allow us to tell you that paint is alive and kicking. Make that alive and color-changing.
Lamborghini Aventador heat-sensitive paint 1 photo
The latest trend in terms of car finishes is the heat-sensitive paint that changes its color when hot water is applied. The latest project of this kind is a Lamborghini Aventador that uses an Ironman theme.

At normal temperatures, or when the car is cold, this looks like an Aventador dressed in the matte black Sant'Agata Bolognese offers as an option.

However, when things get hot, the supercar reveals its true livery and the process is shown in the clip below. From a little girls shooting her water gun to grown men with full-sized buckets, the clip makes the color change obvious.

The paint job comes from German graffiti artist Rene Turrek. In case his name sounds familiar, it might be thanks to another recent work coming from him. We're talking about the Captain America-themed Lamborghini Gallardo.

Working on Raging Bulls has its full benefits. Aside from the portfolio side of the deal, this also seems to cater to one's financial needs. But let's get to the numbers - according to the owner of the car, the appearance-changing scheme was a $35,000 job.

That;s right, the man says he's invested a full Mustang GT into the finish of his Aventador.

"Okay, this is cool, but how do you make it happen during your daily driving?" Well, you can't, so it seems like such owners only have two choices. They can either carry that water gun along or come to Cars and Coffee with the presentation video prepared.

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