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Lamborghini Aventador Driving School Car Hits London, Lessons Cost Miata Money

These days, anybody who spends enough time on the Internet has the chance to hear about London's supercar culture. And while everybody enjoys the view these machines offer, things can sometimes get out of hand. No, I'm not talking about some kid stealing his dad's Lambo. Instead, I'm refering to some kid who doesn't have a license and can now attempt to get one while using a Raging Bull as a learner car.
Lamborghini Aventador Driving School Car Hits London 3 photos
Lamborghini Aventador Driving School Car Spotted in LondonLamborghini Aventador Driving School Car Spotted in London
As you can notice in the images above, a Lamborghini Aventador driving school car was spotted doing its thing in London. Coming across these images (pixel tip to Autogespot), I visited the website listed on the car and found out quite a few things.

Long story short, this Aventador, which is an original LP700-4 model, used to belong to KSI (a rapper whose name is Olajide William). Having gotten bord of the tron wrap fitted to the car and... the V12 machine altogether, the man decided to sell it, with the vehicle being purschased by a driving school.

Now, you might wonder why anybody would choose an Aventador for teaching people how to drive. There's nothing wrong with the concept, since many modern supercars have enough of a daily driver side to allow this.

It's just that the Aventador isn't one of them. With its single-clutch ISR tranny, which doesn't like to be bossed around in tight traffic situations and its limited visibility, the V12 model isn't nearly as easy to use for London navigation as, say, its V10 little brother, the Huracan.

Then again, smoking that clutch is something the company behind the stunt took into account. At least that's how the price of the shenanigan is explained - you'd have to pay GBP20,000 (make that $25,790 at the current exchange rate) for ten lessons. And you could buy a brand new Miata for that kind of money. Or why not go for 150 lessons and pay for the whole Lambo?


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