Lamborghini Aventador Drag Races Twin-Turbo VW Golf R, Gets Trampled

When you find yourself behind the wheel of a Lamborghini Aventador and a Volkswagen Golf driver challenges you to a drag duel, the situation can be a bit complicated.
Lamborghini Aventador Drag Races Twin-Turbo VW Golf R 4 photos
Photo: Gumbal/YouTube
Lamborghini Aventador Drag Races Twin-Turbo VW Golf RLamborghini Aventador Drag Races Twin-Turbo VW Golf RLamborghini Aventador Drag Races Twin-Turbo VW Golf R
Sure, the Raging Bull driver can also expect the Vee-Dub wielder to be a day-dreamer, as it takes a whole world of mods to gift the Golf with Lambo-rivaling abilities. But one musn't easily dismiss such rivals - since the performance numbers of the 700 hp mid-engined exotic are easily accessible, one can always know whether his tuner car is quicker before actually challenging the V12 machine.

Of course, we're not here for theoretical purposes. In fact, we've brought along a piece of footage that shows a Lamborghini Aventador duking it out with a heavily modified Volkswagen Golf R.

The compact packs a 3.6-liter motor that has lost its naturally aspirated nature, being fitted with a twin-turbo kit. As such, the battle of the two velocity beasts was nothing short of delicious. It's worth noting that the machines used a rolling start, with the two setting off at 50 km/h (31 mph).

If the drag race we talked about brought you in the mood to see underdogs duking it out with velocity icons, we have just the thing for you. That's because we showed you a drag race between a Bugatti Chiron and a modded Nissan GT-R earlier today.

The R35 had been dialed to around 1,500 ponnies and, as it turned out, all the modding wasn't in vain, with Godzilla giving the Molsheim hypercar a run for its money.

Of course, the Chiron is the kind of car that can make most machines seems like underdogs, as another sprinting battle we brought to you earlier today demonstrated. We're referring to the battle between the 1,500 hp monster and another Bugatti, namely a Super Sport incarnation of the Veyron.

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