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Lamborghini Aventador Burns to the Ground in Tokyo, Firefighters Arrive Too Late

It had been a while since the last Lamborghini fire (at least the last documented one), but supercars wouldn't be supercars without such incidents, right?
Lamborghini Aventador Burns to the Ground in Tokyo 1 photo
We are now, unfortunately, back on the Raging Bull fireball topic, as we want to show you an Aventador that recently burned in Tokyo.

As usual with such episodes, the details about the spontaneous combustion moments are scarce. However, we can tell you the V12 supercar was claimed by the flames in the proximity of the Eifukuchō Station, which serves the Japanese capital city's
Suginami district.

Interestingly, the Sant'Agata Bolognese machine had reportedly been left behind by its driver. As you'll be able to see in the video below, the fire started in the engine compartment, with the flames quickly engulfing the car.

The piece of footage at the bottom of the page also allows us to see firefighters stepping in and eventually putting out the fire. However, in most such situations, the flames end up destroying the car, no matter how quickly the saviors arrive.

Truth be told, supercars have come a long way in terms of avoiding such flammable moments, but, every now and then, such a high-octane machine shows us the problem isn't entirely gone. And with Audi's firm hand steering things over in Italy, we hope to see such episodes as less often as possible.

From recall-worthy issues, such as those experienced by the early Porsche 991 GT3s, to idiots revving the hell out of these cars while stationary, there's always a reason for a supercar to catch fire.

However, the internet has already developed a typical response for such automotive tragedies - while many aficionados cringe at the sight of such as disaster, browsing the forums might reveal a different reaction.

For instance, the average reaction we're referring to above goes a bit like this (in case the owner is the one posting): "Sorry for your loss. How much for those front wheels?"

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