Lamborghini Ad Personam Personalization Program Explained

Over the last coupe of years, exotic carmakers have been constantly expanding their personalization programs, with customer demand, and (of course) profits being on the rise. We are here to give the freshest example of that and we’ll be zooming in on Lamborghini’s Ad Personam program.
Lamborghini Ad Personam Personalization Program 1 photo
The Italian carmaker has brought a complete Ad Personam booth to Geneva, in order to give us a good taste of what it can do for its customers. The video below offers us a tour of this, taking us through the various stages of personalization. The clip takes us through the various stages of the process, including special parts such as the luggage options. There's also a Lamborghini specialist to take us through the process.

As we repoted, Sant’Agata Bolognese treated us with a customized Lamborghini Aventador Roadster at the Swiss event. The main attraction was the new material developed by the Italians, called Forged composite. This mixes carbon fiber (what else?) with a finish that includes the color of the car itself.

Regarding the amount of customers that chose to have tailor-made cars, Lamborghini didn’t offer figures for this. Nonetheless, Ferrari’s 2013 financial reports indicate that almost every Prancing Horse that left the factory had gone through the personalization scheme.

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