Lambo's Essenza SCV12 Has FIA Hypercar-Homologated Full Carbon Chassis

If you’re not a professional driver, but you have a thirst for racing, Lamborghini is offering one of the most innovative track weapons money can buy. It’s called Essenza SCV12, and among the multitude of race-spec features, it comes with an FIA-homologated full-carbon chassis with an integrated roll cage. Interestingly, Lamborghini says the homologation complies with the FIA Hypercar safety standards. One can only hope that the Essenza SCV12 will spawn a Le Mans Hypercar racer to battle Ferrari at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.
Lamorghini Essenza SCV12 13 photos
Lamorghini Essenza SCV12Lamorghini Essenza SCV12Lamorghini Essenza SCV12Lamorghini Essenza SCV12Lamorghini Essenza SCV12Lamorghini Essenza SCV12Lamorghini Essenza SCV12Lamorghini Essenza SCV12Lamorghini Essenza SCV12Lamorghini Essenza SCV12Lamorghini Essenza SCV12Lamorghini Essenza SCV12
For true car fanatics, the ultimate experience is driving fast on a technical track with the sound of screeching tires and a roaring engine ringing in their ears. Any current Lamborghini can fit the bill, but the Squadra Corse-developed models are legitimate race cars that will take that experience to a whole new dimension.

The most exciting member of the lineup is without a doubt the limited-series Essenza SCV12, which is equipped with the most powerful naturally aspirated V12 ever developed by the Italian manufacturer. It’s able to deliver over 830 PS (820 hp), making the car over 35% more capable than any current GT3 racer.

But all that raw power requires a host of safety features, the most important of which is a roll cage. Traditionally, these have been built out of thick steel tubes, but designs have become more complex and innovative over the years.

Lamorghini Essenza SCV12
According to Lamborghini, this incredible machine is the first car on the market with full carbon chassis homologated according to the FIA Hypercar safety standards. Squadra Corse experts integrated a reinforced roll cage into the vehicle’s roof and pillars, much like what you would find in a second-generation Ford GT. However, they manufactured it out of carbon fiber instead of steel.

To homologate this structure that can withstand forces of over 12 tons, meticulous static and dynamic crash tests were conducted under the watchful eyes of FIA technicians. After passig them with flying colors, the SCV12 has also become eligible to participate in the new Le Mans hypercar class but Lamborghini has yet to confirm its involvement in the competition.

This construction method resulted in a significant weight reduction and a much more spacious, easy-to-access cockpit. Here, the occupants are met by OMP race-spec bucket seats mounted on carbon fiber cradles that are lowered compared to the road-going models and are also FIA-approved. Another awesome feature found inside is the multifunction steering wheel that comes with many buttons and a central screen inspired by Formula One single-seaters.

Lamorghini Essenza SCV12
The innovations continue at the rear end of the monocoque, where a cradle that houses the engine is positioned on the longitudinal axis, while the gearbox has a load-bearing and structural function. That results in an overall torsional stiffness value that is 20% higher than that of the Huracán GT3 EVO race car.

Apart from the chassis and interior tech, engineers have used all their motorsport expertise to make this feral Lambo as aerodynamically efficient as possible.

The front hood has a double air intake with a central rib, just like its GT3 sibling. It separates the hot air flow coming from the radiator and redirects cold air to the roof scoop. The package is completed by a front splitter, two lateral elements fitted on each side, and a large adjustable double-profile rear wing.

Lamorghini Essenza SCV12
Thanks to all these upgrades, the car produces 2645.5 lbs (1,200 kg) of downforce around 155 mph (250 kph), meaning that it should be nimble through corners and extremely stable at high speeds.

Those who purchase one of the 40 available units will become part of an exclusive club, gaining access to special programs and services. They include a personalized garage in a new hangar built in Sant’Agata Bolognese, athletic training programs similar to those followed by the official Lamborghini racing drivers, and last but not least, the ability to race their outrageous track weapons on some of the most prestigious circuits in the world.

The official pricing for the Essenza SCV12 and the privileges that come with have not been made public by Lamborghini. Still, reports advance a figure that stands somewhere in the $3.5-milion range.


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