Lambo Huracan Can't Believe Its Luck Drag Racing Against a Farm Truck

Lambo vs. farm truck 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from Facebook
Lambos are a pretty common sight on the drag strips thanks to their highly-customizable large engines and, in most cases, four-wheel-drive. The 600+ hp it comes with stock means that it'll go off the line like a horse that's been stung by a bee on its soft parts.
Its fellow racer it's sharing the track with, on the other hand, is a more rare appearance. If you came across it in a barn after shooing some hens and removing a few haystacks you wouldn't be surprised one bit. For one thing, it has the aerodynamic coefficient of a brick, even though I'll bet you it was air drag that convinced the owner to cover that flatbed.

The two cars seem to come from two very different worlds. And they do. One is an exotic Italian supercar, while the other is an old American pick-up truck that looks like it's been neglected for a couple of years. It doesn't even seem so confident standing there on the drag strip.

The announcer doesn't make it any easier on the truck, saying that "if anybody has half a million dollars, you could probably buy that Lambo, and if anybody's got 28 dollars, you could buy that farm truck." If that was meant as a motivational speech for the farm truck driver, it failed.

Of course, you knew right from the initial picture that something special was going to happen here. You don't just line a beat-up pickup truck next to a Lambo and expect the predictable outcome. It has to be said that the Lambo made it easy for the truck, but I doubt it needed the help.

Wait until you see how it darts off the starting line, taking the cameraman by surprise as well. The Lambo, on the other hand, stumbles and misses the start, which automatically means the race is lost. As for our ultimate sleeper car? It's nowhere to be seen, as the man doing the filming was clearly there for the Huracan. Too bad for him.

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