LaFerrari vs. Ferrari F12 TDF Luggage Capacity Comparison Is Hilarious

We can easily understand why more than one LaFerrari owner would complain about the cargo capacity of their hybrid hypercar. With a luggage capacity of 1.4 cubic feet (39.6 liters), the trunk of the LaF is more of a pocket actually.
LaFerrari vs. Ferrari F12 TDF Trunk Size Comparison 1 photo
However, Maranello does provide a solution to that problem, one that comes in the form of the Ferrari F12 Tour de France. As strange as it may sound to some, the F12tdf isn't that far behind the LaFerrari in terms of performance (we'll get back to that below).

However, when it comes to how much of your stuff it can swallow, the special edition is ready to play the practical game at any time. With a luggage capacity of over 17 cubic feet (think 500 liters), this Fezza should be enough for your needs.

The TDF might be a hardcore version of the F12berlinetta, but the Grand Tourer nature hasn't been lost. And while the loading height might seem a bit of a trouble maker if you only consider that fact that you have to go over the tail of the car when handling your luggage, our experience with a non-TDF F12 allowed us to see that getting stuff in or out of this Ferrari's trunk is not an issue - perhaps the F12 taxi we recently showed you is real after all...

As we mentioned above, the F12 TDF is quite close to Maranello's halo car when it comes to go-fast numbers. For one thing, the 769-pony (780 PS) V12 sitting at the front of the F12 special can easily be put into the same league as the 789 hp (800 PS) internal combustion part of the LaFerrari powertrain.

And that's not all. With the TDF having lapped Ferrari's Fiorano track in 1 minute and 21 seconds, the massaged F12 sits just 1.3 seconds behind the LaFerrari. And speaking of the hyper hybrid, you could always improve its practicality factor by adding a roof box.

While that might sound like a bit too much, we'll remind there's a Japanese F40 owner out there who not only pulled such a stunt but also uses his retired Maranello trophy to go camping.

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