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LaFerrari Spins Its Way through Californian Traffic, Does 360-Degree Turn

It's no secret that Ferrari likes to deliver tail-happy four-wheeled animals. And while a 963 hp monster like the LaFerrari might seem intimidating to some, there are also aficionados who enjoy taking the gas-electric Fezza way past the limit.
LaFerrari 360-Degree Turn 5 photos
LaFerrari 360-degree spinLaFerrari 360-degree spinLaFerrari 360-degree spinLaFerrari 360-degree spin
One of the most extreme examples of such a stunt comes from the piece of Instagram footage at the bottom of the page. The clip shows the electrically-assisted V12 contraptions spinning its way through a Californian intersection, obviously generating plenty of smoke in the process.

According to Instagram gossip, the shenanigan we have here took place as part of the Cars and Chronos meet, which saw supercar drivers getting together last September - notice that the LaF isn't the only go-fast machine in the video. We should also mention that the gathering took place in Walnut, CA.

This adventure reminds us of a similar LaFerrari stunt that took place in the Maranello hallo car's home country. We're talking about one of the times when Instagrammer powerslidelower drifted his LaF in traffic, nearly hitting another car.

And while this kind of hybrid hypercar hooning is undoubtedly impressive, here's to hoping nobody uses it as an online example. For one thing, such extreme maneuvers performed in traffic risk ruining the reputation of the go-fast community.

Sure, it's easy to check out a Fezza roasting its rear tires and jump for joy. But it's enough to imagine the machine sliding out of control and ruining one's ride (this is a soft scenario) to understand why such smoking stunts should be left for less risky areas, such as the track.

P.S.: Sometimes, deserted car parks can also make for decent playgrounds and we'll once again use one of powerslidelover's shenanigans to bring you an example of such a stunt (this time around, we're dealing with a LaFerrari Aperta drifting around a fixed-roof LaF).


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