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LaFerrari Looks Even Better when Reflected in a Koenigsegg One:1's Carbon Body

As those of you following our LaFerrari stories know, we've shown you quite a few of these Maranello halo cars that manage to stand out even among their kind.
LaFerrari Reflected in a Koenigsegg One:1's Carbon Body 1 photo
If we had to choose one, we'd probably go with the Purple LaF, which belongs to an actual prince (read: not the kind of social media-built royal person), but Jamiroquai front man Jay Kay's Green gas-electric Ferrari isn't exactly shy, either.

So, given all the crazy-colored LaFerraris out there, can one that uses an all-White approach draw the same level of attention? This is obviously a matter of taste, but we're here to provide a much more objective answer.

This comes in the form of the image above. Coming from Instagram user kille007sp, the photo shows us the uber-clean LaF reflected into the clear-coated carbon body of a Koenigsegg One:1.

There's more to this image than meets the eye, though. We're talking about the bold manner in which the Swedish hypercar builder has boosted its business and can now easily rival legends as Ferrari in terms of public attention.

Nevertheless, the Swedes seem to be targeting Porsche, not Ferrari, these days. On one hand, the One:1 is working to grab the 918 Spyder's Nurburgring record (here's a sample of the screaming Green Hell task).

Then there's the recent Goodwood Festival of Speed episode. A somewhat isolated statement, this adventure showed where Angelholm stands in terms of attitude. We're talking about the time when a One:1 used a Porsche 918 Spyder as its drifting cone.

And since many of you are here for the Fezza, not the Egg, you shouldn't let the non-color of the hybrid hypercar trick you into believing the machine has anything to do with purity - check out the White LaFerrari putting its 950 hp (963 PS) to work for a donuts-related purpose in this story.


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