LaFerrari Does Donuts and Burnout Indoors

The past weekend has been ridiculously effervescent for supercar drivers, especially those who attended the high-octane events that took place in the UK. For instance, the SupercarDriver’s Secret Meet now brings us a LaFerrari doing donuts. Indoors.
LaFerrari Does Donuts Indoors 1 photo
As you’ll be able to see in the clip below, this horse did some... rotary prancing on a slippery surface, with the unusual grip levels causing the hybrid hypercar to appear it was spinning in slow motion. Still, the 950 petrol-electric HP (963 PS) put on quite a show, with the hangar hosting the hostilities amplifying the voice of the atmospheric V12.

Speaking of what happened over the weekend, this is the same LaFerrari that raced a Bugatti Veyron at the VMax200 event. The drag race took place on a pretty damp runway, with the Bug obviously using the advantage to get a massive advantage at the start.

The Veyron took the win at the end of the 2-mile run, with this being some sort of a rematch for the LaFerrari-Veyron race that took place last year. Back then, Maranello’s creation dropped everybody’s jaws by leaving the Bugatti trailing in its wake.

Nonetheless, we do have to explain both races saw the Italian battling it out with the 987 HP (1,001 PS) Veyron, not the 1,184 HP (1,200 PS) Super Sport. Still, while the Veyron is now retired (remember the Veyron Finale build video?), Maranello still hasn’t told us how many of the 499 examples were built so far.

PS: this entire story makes us wonder what will Tax The Ritch do when they get their hands on one of these...

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