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Lady in red...

… a strange and fascinating apparition. A beauty like no other... unique, flawless. Words are simply too few to describe it. I wish I could play you a romantic song and project huge pictures of her marvelous silhouette on a wall.

I wish you guys could also enjoy her and her perfection the way I did. To make love with her mentally, to lose oneself into her perfumed embrace. So nice, so sensual, so staggering... Although it might seem strange, you can't keep a beauty like this for yourself.

It's a shame to keep perfection itself in enclosed premises, in a place for herself only, away from the looks of others. Perfection must be admired, it must be seen gently undulating her beautiful shape on the street, walking in her own tumultuous but elegant way, strolling through the crowded city so that pedestrians can admire her perfect shape with greedy looks.

Her godlike proportions, a face that makes you think about a rebel child who's actually a beautiful woman in her own rights and... my God, she's so real, ideal and inhumanly perfect.

I've always wanted a Northern blonde. Tall, svelte, you know what I mean. Nice proportions, safety, a protective mother for my children, beautiful and very polite. But I totally forgot about love at first sight.

Although I thought I had gotten over that period in my life, it hit me again, without any right to appeal. All that simply wasn't meant to be, because SHE came along.

She has a petite figure but she's tall enough. Her derriere may be a little too big but she definitely has a fantastic smile. All men turn their heads after her, wherever we go. She has attitude and she's smart. She may be a little fragile but she's a foxy Italian after all. Don't let appearances fool you.

And since she was born in Milan but she completed her studies in Turin, her parents beautifully nicknamed her MiTo


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