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Lady Gaga Goes Driving in Carpool Karaoke, James Corden Trolls Her Meat Dress

You don't need to be a Lady Gaga fan to figure out that having the singer in your car might require a wardrobe twist. This is precisely what James Corden recently went through when inviting the artist along for his Carpool Karaoke stunt.
Lady Gaga and James Corden in Carpool Karaoke 6 photos
Lady Gaga and James Corden in Carpool KaraokeLady Gaga and James Corden in Carpool KaraokeLady Gaga and James Corden in Carpool KaraokeLady Gaga and James Corden in Carpool KaraokeLady Gaga and James Corden in Carpool Karaoke
It's almost impossible to move forward without mentioning James trying on a... replica of Gaga's pop-infamous meat dress. However, we're more interested in the helmet he wore during the drive through Los Angeles. Heck, that edible piece is not even the only Gaga outfit the British star reenacts.

Why a helmet? Because Lady Gaga had taken over the driver's seat. And that's how we found out the 30-year-old singer has only passed her driving test earlier this year.

The singer spends more than a few moments behind the wheel of the show's Range Rover Sport and... well... she doesn't crash.

It was also a good occasion to mention the DMV - have you noticed how the Department of Motor Vehicles easily rivals the FBI when it comes to presence in movies, YouTube clips and, of course, South Park?

We're no decibel experts, but, unlike our driving-obsessed brains, our ears are normal. And yes, we can confirm this roadtrip duet sounds like a million dollars.

The two get to thrill us with all sorts of pieces, from warm-ups to tracks from Lady Gaga's new album (a friend has a friend who told us it's called "Joanne").

Is this another case of an artist who could climb the old school values ladder much higher but prefers the thrills of the consumer realm? We're not here to comment on such matters, so head over to the "play" button below and let the duo thrill you - heck, Lady Gaga might even Thriller you, since she apparently owns 400 pieces of Michael Jackson's attire.

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