Lady Cop Impounds Bike, Can't Ride It on Platform, Drops It

Sometimes bikes, just like other vehicles get impounded. Life is tough, and driving mindlessly is not helping at all. Therefore, the cops will seize the bike, car or truck, as a complementary measure to the penalties its operator will face.
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Photo: Youtube capture
However, immobilizing a vehicle is one thing, while damaging it because of improper handling is a completely different story. We're no lawyers, but watching the video below makes us wonder if the next thing the owner of the bike should do is filing a complaint about property damage.

After all, damage is damage no matter who causes it. Likewise, we don't know if police officers are insured against such mishaps (and this lady definitely should be) and who pays the repairs in such cases.

We've even met people that say she was breaking the law in doing this. According to some, she might be charged with operating a motorcycle on a public road way without a helmet and operating a confiscated vehicle. Additionally, in case she has no license... we could add operating a motorcycle on a public road way without a license, as a third charge and only then add property damage.

She doesn't seem to know how to start a bike

There's not too much info on the incident, so things are a bit mysterious. First of all, the lady doesn't seem to know how to start the bike. Those of you with decent experience onboard several motorcycles will agree with us in saying that most motorcycles have more or less the same layout for the handlebar controls.

A Harley is not that much different from a BMW, whereas almost all sport bikes look the same in this aspect, give or take, so if you know how to fire up a bike, you can do the same with pretty much all of them.

Some folks said that the boots she's wearing indicate that she might be a motorcycle cop, but we don't really buy this. A motorcycle cop should never have such a hard time starting a bike and riding it up a platform. Can you even dare imagine what would have happened if she panicked and pulled harder on the throttle and letting the clutch go?

Regardless of what the rider whose bike got impounded, this treatment surely wasn't in the law books.

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