Ladies Are Kindly Asked to Stop Cell Use while Driving

Although I am not totally against speaking on the cell when behind the wheel, I strongly believe this should be kept only for emergency situations. I am fully aware of the fact that we're living in a modern, fast-paced world where high technology is crowned queen of the Blue Planet, but I also read statistics showing that many car crashes are caused by the people's impossibility of being multitasking.

I know what it's like to be hearing your boyfriend's/husband's voice on the phone saying how much he misses you and how anxious is to see you when you come home. I also know how it's like to share the latest gossip with your best friend and how you can chat for hours without realizing time has passed that quickly. Last but not least, I also know how it's like to want to hear you mom's or dad's voice the only time when you're all alone (which happens to be only when you're driving to or from work). But I do know that you can find other moments/places/situations outside your car to do this if you really intend to.

Of course you could argue there are emergency situations that just can not be postponed. I totally agree with it, only that you can always benefit from a back-up solution although you haven't probably imagined it. You can always pull over and continue your conversation without being disturbed by the annoying traffic. Think about it: you don't risk to cause unwanted crashes and besides, you can peacefully solve the problems if you focus only on them. Not on driving as well.

Many crashes happen because drivers talk on the cell

Let's face it! We're all humans and have limited capabilities. The one who invented the multitasking system applied it on a machine, not on a human. And now I'm not referring to fixing your make-up while waiting by the traffic-lights, but rather to talking on the mobile phone, eating, drinking while driving. The only accident I have had in my life happened because the other driver was speaking on the phone and paid no attention to the road. Fortunately, it was nothing serious but I have heard of cases when innocent people died because of the drivers' lack of attention to the road.

If you knew that you're risking to become a murderer, would you still speak on the phone when driving? Certainly you can only hide behind the excuse “It couldn't possibly happen to me” but just try to put yourself in the terrible situation. Could you still live with it, knowing you could have avoided if you focused more on driving and less on talking?

Lawmakers want to put the brakes on cell speaking when driving

Each country has its own traffic regulations. Authorities in some countries across the world might be more permissive with talking on the cell when behind the wheel. Others might severely punish those who are caught red handed.

In fact, I have recently read about the US National Safety Council's initiative aiming to put the brakes on the cell-talking madness behind the wheel. For those who don't know, it seems that they are trying to urge legislators in all 50 states and the District of Columbia to pass laws banning the use of cell phones while driving. I am not saying this is right or wrong but I do believe this kind of decision isn't taken for nothing. Actually, there are many people who believe this should have been done a long time ago.

Hands-free devices aren't helping either

Some of you might argue that hands-free devices can be the answer to the problem but to my mind, this is only a tricky solution. The fact that you have your hands free does not necessarily mean that you can totally focus on the road since your mind is somewhere else.

More importantly, a study conducted by Carnegie Mellon University  show that just listening a cell phone while driving potentially reduces brain activity associated with driving by 37 percent.  Again, we can do our nails and watch our favorite TV show at the same time but the same thing just doesn't go for driving and cell talking.

Cell phone use in car may be “worse” than drunken driving

Although you couldn't have possibly imagined there is something worse than drunken driving (drunken in the sense of being fully aware of your gestures), well it seems there is. Not as if drunken driving wasn't bad enough... But when the brain is trying to juggle two tasks at the same time, nothing good emerges. Certainly this is not an excuse to drink and then drive because you're always running the risk of getting involved in DUI incident. Still, when you speak on the cell and drive at the same time, you run the risk of causing a crash.

So what is to be done?!

If you're still not convinced you should give up mixing using the cell and driving, there are at least a few things to help you better focus on the road while making use of the latest technology. Firstly, don't text and drive. You might be speaking on the phone but at least don't try to send messages while behind the wheel. Secondly, use a wireless device but make sure you know its features perfectly (I'm referring especially at speed dials and redial). Then, you should position the device within easy reach.

Thirdly, don't get engaged in stressful or emotional conversations that might divert your attention from the road. You won't be able to solve your problems while behind the wheel. And I mean any sort of problems, including a break-up from your boyfriend.

Last but surely not least, you must always let the person you are talking to know you are driving. If you're not aware of the danger your exposing yourself to, maybe the other person is and won't keep your mind busy with your conversation for too long.

Face-to-face communication is always better...

When you want to truly communicate with somebody, you should know that verbal communication is a limited way to express your ideas. You can always make you better understood if you look straight into the eyes of the person you're talking to or if you makes some body gestures that reinforce the ideas you express verbally. Similarly, you can also “read” the other by taking a look at his/her body language. So, you got the point: using the cell phone while driving might not only endanger yourself but it can also lead to possible misunderstandings as you can not fully concentrate on both actions.

Be responsible behind the wheel! Save the gossip/stressful news for later. With a blink-blink and a cute smile, you will make the conversation more pleasant after you get out of the car!
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