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Lada Unveils Vesta WTCC Racing Car Concept and It's Very Yellow

Ever heard of a company called Renault Sport? Of course you have, since they're the fine folks behind the awesome Megane RS 275 Trophy that lapped the Nurburgring in record time and a whole bunch of other cult cars. However, you probably never knew there was a Russian version as well, Lada Sport.
Lada Vesta WTCC Racing Car Concept 5 photos
Lada Vesta WTCC Racing Car ConceptLada Vesta WTCC Racing Car ConceptLada Vesta WTCC Racing Car ConceptLada Vesta WTCC Racing Car Concept
On the show floor of the Moscow International Auto Salon, Lada unveiled this, the Vesta WTCC Concept, which looks like one of those Chinese clone cars has received a makeover from Renault Sport. Even the bright yellow color matches that of the hottest French cars.

The WRCC Concept is of course based on a "civilian" car. It's called the Vesta, shown in Moscow as a production-intent concept and poised to enter production from 2015. Of course, the body of the car was then massively modified, with lowered suspension flared wheel arches, spoilers and a huge wing.

French company ORECA was announced as having been involved in the development of the racing prototype. Two star drivers in the form of Rob Huff and Englishman James Thompson were also revealed in Moscow, together with team leader Viktor Shapovalov. All three were present at the show for the unveiling, but declined to give any statements.

Huff joined Lada Sport in 2012. He recently took the first ever podium for the Russian company, finishing second in Argentina on the first weekend of August. "It is a fantastic feeling to stand on the podium again, and I'm really proud to have won for Lada first ever podium!" he was quoted as saying.

The racing schedule of the all-new Made in Russia touring car thus remains unknown. However, information regarding the rebirth of the Lada brand suggests this will happen in late 2015.

Our say: Lada, the same company that made the worse handling cars ever, now has a race team. Why? Because race car.

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