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L.A. Dodgers’ Juan Uribe Upgrades His Fleet With a Custom-Built Hummer H1

He has been playing baseball in the US for almost 14 years now, but it would seem his English is still not that good, since he has used a translator throughout his career when conducting interviews. But that doesn’t stop the Dominican MLB infielder currently playing for the Los Angeles Dodgers to live the American lifestyle.
L.A. Dodgers’ Juan Uribe Upgrades His Fleet With a Custom-Built Hummer H1 1 photo
It was less than a year ago the baseball player bought a white Ferrari 458 Italia Spider he sent straight to the guys over at the Miami-based Auto Firm. The Italian exotic comes with a gorgeous V8 engine developing 562 horsepower, but that wasn’t enough for the MLB star since he had to make it look cool too. But having sportsmen going custom on the rides they drive is no big surprise, since that’s what makes you stand out these days.

This time, however, Uribe went for something a lot bigger and meaner, the Hummer H1. As the first of what later became AM General’s Hummer line, the H1 is probably the off-road model in its series to look the closest to its military inspiration, the famous M998 Humvee.

Manufactured from 1992 through 2006 the H1 was a very limited production vehicle, but it’s still quite popular among off-road cars enthusiasts. In fact, Hummer’s first model partially owed its birth to the enthusiastic campaign from Arnold Schwarzenegger, who owns several variants of Hummer vehicles.

Nowadays, people rather prefer getting one of the Army’s retired Humvees, but it would seem Uribe hasn’t heard about the government’s recent auction where over 20 military off-roaders were sold. Or maybe he likes his Hummers to have chrome and Chevy engines.

Getting back to the H1 in question, the 35-year baseball player seems to be quite a big fan of the Humvee since he completely changed its color with a painted Sating Green with gloss black accents. A new custom interior along with Audison Hertz sound system were also added, while the off-road machine now sits on some nice pair of new Fuel Wheels.


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