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Kulba's Rebel Camper Lets You Mix and Match Features To Find That Perfect Off-Grid Habitat
The season for soaking up the greater outdoors is here. One way people achieve this is with the help of an RV or some sort of camper trailer. Well, to get you in on the action, I've decided to bring to light the Kulba Rebel, a camper that's sure to leave you with cash to fill up at the pump.

Kulba's Rebel Camper Lets You Mix and Match Features To Find That Perfect Off-Grid Habitat

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Folks, I recently covered a camper trailer manufacturer known simply as Kulba. If you missed that article, once you're done getting to know the Rebel, you'll probably head over to meet the Woody. As for Kulba, they're a crew out of Latvia and born from a love for the teardrop campers that come from the American way of living.

Now, there are a few reasons why teardrop campers are so dang popular, and one reason is their price. Well, it would seem that the Rebel is within the usual price range for this sort of camper and, as standard, starts at around €10,000 ($10,563 at current exchange rates). This price can and will be affected by the dealership you use and the features found inside, so do take the time to do a bit of searching. Better yet, just call Kulba direct, but beware of the shipping costs.

Another reason folks enjoy these mobile habitats is that they cram every little thing you may need to live off-grid into one simple, neat, and easy-to-use package. Best of all, they get you in touch with the greater outdoors. After all, you're just a drive away from waking up to the sounds of birds chirping instead of horns honking.

Nonetheless, let's explore a bit of what Rebel has to offer. One way we can do that is by taking a trip through our imagination, so, for the sake of argument, let's say you dished out the asking price for this bugger. In that case, you purchased a camper built with a birch ply hardwood frame and compartmentalization, with an anodized aluminum roof, and insulation up to 68 millimeters (2.67 inches) thick hiding behind panels covered with a layer of Line-X protective coating. All that's then set upon a galvanized steel chassis equipped with a torsion axle.

Since we're still outside the camper, let's see what else we can take a look at. Oh yeah, the galley, found in classic teardrop style, at the rear of the camper and accessed by a hatch on air springs. Now, depending on the sort of cash you dished out on your habitat, your galley will look a little different from that of other Rebel owners.

Why? Simply because Kulba allows owners to select the sort of kitchen features they need if any. I say this because you can opt for a camper with the works, from cooktop to cooler and sink with running water, all the way to nothing, just a huge hole where a galley would have been put in. The latter option is perfect for folks that are a bit taller, need minimal gear, or want to haul slightly larger supplies. There are nine predetermined versions to choose from, but you can always mix and match for your perfect galley.

Inside, the camper is relatively roomy and doesn't invite you just to sleep, but with a storage setup suitable for clothing, gear, and even an entertainment center, you should be fine if you're caught by some rogue storm. Heck, just watch raindrops roll off the skylight. If the storm holds through the night, just go to sleep embracing your significant other.

Come morning, you'll get out of bed, stretch your legs and back a little, put a pot of coffee on the fire and then get ready for a new day. If you opted for the bike rack, unload your e-bike and start exploring. Maybe you have a roof rack and a couple of kayaks. Go out there and have some fun. Sure, some of these features will run you extra, but you can still whip up a somewhat capable camper with the Rebel as a base, and that's worth considering for this year's glamping season.

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