Kristen Stewart Takes a Ride in Ancient Toyota Truck

It's hard to be a star with the paparazzi following you everywhere and taking pictures of you in all sort of embarrassing/unpleasant/unflattering situations. Considering it as a fair price to pay for being a public person, here's another one that's likely to make you burst into... tears of laughter.

The guys from managed to get their hands on a truly unexpected photo showing Kristen Stewart near an old Toyota pickup truck at a gas station. We can but speculate the vehicle belongs to the 18-year-old actress and wonder what possibly in this world made her choose such a horrible truck considering her status?!

Certainly when we speak about celebs and their cars, we normally expect they purchase expensive luxury vehicles. By its definition, this is what celebrity privileges are (apart from seeing your photo everywhere): taking a ride in vehicles that we, the ordinary mortals, only dream about.

As you can notice yourselves in the photo, Kristen's car is not only a blue old Toyota truck produced (perhaps) in the eighties but it is also incredibly dirty. If she didn't want to spend money on a new luxury vehicle, she could at least pay a visit to the nearest car wash. Is it the current financial climate scaring the hell out of stars as well?

We don't want to be pessimistic but one thing is, however, sure. If even celebs give up their taste for luxury vehicles and make their choice for second hand ones, we don't predict a very bright future for automakers across the world.
Kristen Stewart best known for her role in “Twilight” appears to be a cheapskate star saving precious money for hard times. Or she's just a spoiled Hollywood kid who has no idea what to do with her fortune.
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