Kraftwerk Is the Ultimate Gadget Charger for the Touring Rider

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Here’s an amazing gadget for the touring riders, and especially for those who plan to take longer trips away from the grid. Enter Kraftwerk, the first portable fuel cell power source which fits in your pocket and provides energy for your smartphones, GPS units and even tablets.
Skip the potential trademark issues the German product might encounter with the legendary and very German too electronic music band, let’s check the facts! Kraftwerk works by using the chemical power everyday lighter gas, and will also work with standard camping gas. It is easily refillable in seconds and will get you power on the go in instants.

No fumes, no heat, full independence from the grid and everything in the palm of your hand, in an FAA-approved package and looking great, as well. While power banks are sure very cool and handy, once they’re depleted you need to get the recharged using a wall adapter or other external power source. With Kraftwerk, all you need is to draw a small gas canister you can carry in your backpack, refill the fuel cell and get going.

Non-stop operation

Another cool feature is that Kraftwerk can operate continuously, as long as you supply the gas it need to work. Feed the Kraftwerk and the Kraftwerk will provide you with lots of kraft (German for power). The other thing you need is the right cables for your device or devices, but this can also be solved pretty easily, with a breakout cable with all the most common adapters and which you can have for several bucks.

Because the Kraftwerk is so environmentally friendly and silent, it can also be used indoor and even on planes. It offers 5V with a continuous 2W power output, but the peak power can go as high as 10W, which is about 2 amps for the recharging current. Kraftwerk will roll out in late December and you still have plenty of choices if you want to get one or more via Kickstarter. 11 iPhone charges? We’re in!

For some reason, the Kickstarter videos cannot be embedded so you'll have to watch the Kraftwerk videos there.
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