Korea Has Pink, Extra-Wide Parking Spots for Women

Gender equality has its role in the work place, but let's be honest here: men and women are not the same. They might be equal, but definitely not the same. For this reason, especially in Asian countries, but also in Northern Europe, there are a number of facilitations meant to make life a little easier for the fair sex.
Pink parking spots in Korea 5 photos
Pink parking spots in KoreaPink parking spots in KoreaPink parking spots in KoreaPink parking spots in Korea
Japan, for instance, has special subway cars where only women are allowed to ride. This is mainly as a result of frequent molestation incidents, but also facilitates the commute home after a hard day's work. Korea has gone a step even above that though!

In 2009, the country announced thousands of parking spots in the capital of Seoul will be designated exclusively for women. Conveniently located near major shopping ares and other locations of interest, these are designed to make Seoul better for people wearing high heels. From what we understand, the initiative was accompanied by 28,000 extra jobs created because women are reportedly still treated as a second rate gender.

We're not sure how we feel about that part, but the fact that the bays are actually wider is great. From a standard 2.3 meters (7 feet 7 inches), the pink parking zones are stretched to 2.5 meters wide (8 feet 2 inches). We wonder if the government issued surveys to find out if women had a harder time parking and were involved in more fender-benders, or just trusted their gut.

Don't for a second think pink parking projects are a cute pet project of a reclusive organization. It's actually Seoul's mayor Oh Se Hoon ambitious and very public "Happy Women, Happy Seoul", which cost the equivalent of $100 million. Amongst other things, the program has also built more women's public restrooms and paved streets to make walking in high heels easier.

We won't claim to know everything about human genetics, but from what we've heard, women's brains have a smaller area for depth perception and motoring skills. A study conducted by Brooklyn College psychology professor Israel Abramov has found women are much better at discriminating among colors, while men can track fast-moving objects.


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