Kokoda's "Haven on Wheels" Force 2 Camper Is Sure To Please With Top-Tier Living Standards

Some time ago, I ran into a travel trailer manufacturer that seems to be on a whole 'nother level in terms of style, capability, and price. I'm talking about Australia's Kokoda Caravans, and the machine in question today is the Force 2, a habitat designed to get you where you want to go, even if there are no roads. Oh, and if the world around you is falling apart, escape inside—your very own haven on wheels.
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"Haven on wheels." This is a very good phrase to describe the Force 2 camper/caravan. Why? That's precisely the purpose of the next five minutes: to get to know just what you can get your hands on for as little as $106K Australian. That's just a tad under $71K American. But, before we go on, take the time to explore a bit of what you see in the image gallery; it'll give the following words some substance.

Now, if you're aware of how they do things down in Australia, then you know what to expect from this habitat. If you don't, all you need to know is that a 3.5-ton independent arm suspension from Tuff Ride is in place and supports a steel chassis. Aluminum composite cladding is used for the shell skin, but, and here's how Kokoda is able to keep the price so low, everything sits upon a Meranti (wood) frame, which isn't a bad idea, as long as you have solid insulating techniques. Stone guards wrap the lower half of the exterior, helping raise the level of protection while romping around.

But, who the heck cares about the exterior of this bugger? Australians surely do, but we'll touch upon that aspect shortly. For now, let's focus on the living you can access with Force 2. After all, it's the interior styling and layout that really drew me to this bugger.

Force 2 Suspension
Photo: Kokoda Caravans
To climb inside Force 2, there's only one way to do so via a lateral entry. Once accessed, you'll find yourself smack-dab in the center of the living room, with features all around. But the beauty is the way everything pops into view. It may be the whole fresh minimalist design. It could be the feeling of space that envelopes guests.

Personally, I think its features and spaces, like the massive beam-to-beam U-shaped lounge at the rear of this bugger. Oh, come nighttime, this space can be transformed into a bedding area. This area also seems large enough for all guests aboard, but also a straggler or two who you befriend on your adventures.

As we continue to the front of Force 2, you may feel like you're in a hotel room or some fresh Airbnb. While heading toward the two-person bedroom at the front, you'll pass features like the washing machine, hidden in the furniture, a massive and clean-cut kitchen that makes the one in my home look cheap, and a bathroom the likes of those found in motorhomes priced over $100K American. Oh, and remember the split layout of the latter; you'll love it when the whole gang comes back from their dust-filled adventures.

For a moment, take a minute to imagine yourself in the center of all the action you see. Feel the upholstery. Take in the flush overhead storage bins and countertops too. As you sip your morning coffee, you'll be hit with rays of sunlight through the windows tattered all over the shell, and as it moves overhead throughout the day, skylights keep the interior well-lit and your bones warm.

Force 2
Photo: Kokoda Caravans
Speaking of sunlight, we also need to consider the extensive off-grid features Kokoda places at your disposal with each and every new Force 2. Aside from BMS (battery Management System) and AGM batteries, this habitat is also equipped with another two 100 A deep-cycle batteries and two 170 W solar panels. But, there's an "Off Grid Pack" of features that's now standard. This includes a portable grey water tank, 400 W of solar panel power, a 150 Ah lithium battery, a diesel heater, and even a portable Bluetooth speaker, perfect for taking with you on e-bike rides.

Earlier, I mentioned that Australians like to do things a tad differently in terms of outdoor living, and that's true. What this means for you and a soon-to-be-yours Force 2 is a habitat that invites you to spend time outdoors. It's got awnings, fold-out picnic tables, pass-through storage, and even a TV mount. With a few lawn chairs and another table, your campsite is ready. Why not lit a fire and enjoy a round of s'mores?

And all that's not even the end of things; the list of available systems and features is quite extensive, not to mention an array of optional gear too. By the time you're done putting together your dream unit, you'll be sure to have dished out a tad more cash than the starting price, and that's ok; look at the results, for god's sake! A haven on wheels, indeed.

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