Koenigsegg Wants to Expand and Build ‘Normal’ Cars under new Sub-Brand

After launching what is possibly the fastest car in the world (it certainly is the fastest going from 0 to 300 km/h and back), Christian von Koenigsegg wants to go down yet another route, to make his brand even more attractive.
Koenigsegg Legera 1 photo
In a recent sit down with Car Throttle, the man behind the Regera claimed that he is looking into using the principles shown on his hypercars on more ‘down to earth’ creations. What that means to the man that usually makes cars with over 1,000 HP we can’t even fathom to try and guess but it’s nice to hear him talk about it nonetheless.

However, the man also knows that the Koenigsegg name has achieved too much to be used for any other type of car other than something that goes up to 100 km/h (62 mph) in a heartbeat. Therefore, he announced that if he’s going to overlook the launch of ‘normal’ cars, they would be sold under a different moniker, a kind of sub-brand if you will.

Of course, all possibilities are taken into account and Christian said that teaming up with a manufacturer wouldn’t be a bad idea after all and that he’s open to discussions. That reminded us of the SAAB fiasco when Koenigsegg tried to take over the bankrupt company but eventually failed.

Either way, this is good news for everyone even though, we’re pretty sure that the definition of a ‘normal’ car is entirely different than what you’d expect, in the Koenigsegg HQ. Our guess is that their new sub-brand will be making cars that would go up against the likes of the McLaren Sports Series and that’s definitely a good thing.

Going further into details about their plans, Christian also said that they are currently working on a four-door car, a new project that is supposed to be launched in the next five years. This would be a good rival for the rumored four-door Bugatti Veyron successor if the Volkswagen-owned brand ever decides to put it in production.


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