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Koenigsegg One:1 Flies on Nurburgring as Hypercar Works to Set Green Hell Record

Koenigsegg is the kind of company that knows what goes on on social media, so instead of letting the world speculate on its 2016 Nurburgring return, the Swedes used their blog to let it slip they're aiming for the Green Hell record once again this year.
Koenigsegg One:1 Flies on Nurburgring 1 photo
While the announcement was made back in mid-April, we now have a video that shows the One:1 flying around the 'Ring.

We'll remind you that the Egg people were prepared to grab the title from the 918 Spyder (fastest production car on the 'Ring, with a time of 6:57) last year. However, the speed limits that were imposed before the track layout was slightly modified for 2016 stood in their way.

As the automaker explained, such an attempt isn't the kind of effort that can be completed in a rush. For one thing, the K brand was looking for a driver who would mix ultimate Nordschleife knowledge with One:1 training, which would be helped by Robert Serwanski, Koenigsegg's own test driver.

Well, the automaker may have just found somebody good enough to put the 1,342 hp (1,361 PS) of the rear-wheel-drive hypercar to Green Hell use.

However, Koenigsegg has warned us that while they will be attempting to set a new record, this might not happen all that soon.

"While we foresee this taking several months, those months comprise only one or two days at the track each month. We will not be testing on public days when the track is full of 'public' drivers. We will be testing on private days that we can gain access to," the Swedish automaker explained back in April.

Until we get our hands on more details on the matter, the clip below provides an immersive experience, with the track action offered by the footage being joined by the ferocious soundtrack of the One:1.

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