Koenigsegg Made an Opulent Car Key that Probably Costs More than Your House

World’s most expensive car key in existence made by Koenigsegg 1 photo
Photo: Optimal Innovative Solutions Inc on Facebook
The high-end, supercar maker is making a profit per car that ranges between $580,000 to $2.21 million, but that’s common in the world of extremely powerful and luxurious custom built autos. In fact, it’s just one piece of the pie, as most of these companies usually make even more money with their high-end accessories.
Abundance taken to a sickening degree is common lifestyle for the 1 percent, like it or not. Tremendous sums of cash that for you could mean the world, are just pocket change for them. Millions of dollars are being spent every hour on things you might consider a waste of money.

Christian von Koenigsegg seems to know that about the way these people act, so he came up with what is probably the world’s most expensive car key in existence.

The prototype key was unveiled at the New York Auto show, but we were busy reporting the truly important events actually to tell you folks more about this masterpiece of megalomania. Made by Optimal Innovative Solutions, a custom jewelry house that also makes the diamond hood ornament for Rolls-Royce, this car key is estimated at around $250,000.

There are 40 karats of diamonds encrusted on its sides while the whole thing was made of platinum and onyx. What we find quite ironic is that even though it costs Lamborghini Huracan money, they still figured a USB would fit right in. Honestly, if you’re that wealthy, we’re more than certain the car’s entertainment system is good enough to play music, any sort of music available on the market for that matter.

As to the price, you might find it outrageous, but considering the car itself is priced at $2.8 million, some would even think it’s not that much.

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