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Koenigsegg Jesko Smart Key Concept Has Amazing Mechanism, Touch Menus

While Koenigsegg is busy working on the 300 mph version of the Jesko (yes, this has just lost the 300 mph race to Bugatti, but perhaps it will go past the 304 mph record set by Molsheim), rendering artists are hard at work trying to improve the key fob one could use for the Swedish hypercar.
Koenigsegg Jesko Smart Key Concept 1 photo
We are now looking at a smart key concept that would take the Angelholm machine experience to a whole new level. As such, you'll be able to notice the intelligent key in the video at the bottom of the page, which also comes with the kind of body-in-body mechanism that can keep on awake at night.

The brilliant pixel work we have here comes from digital art label Bat Not Bad, which has already accustomed us to its style. For instance, here's a concept that brings us a Porsche Design smart watch with smart key functionality.

Returning to the Koenigsegg affair that brought us here, the smart key could allow one to access plenty of features of the 1,600 hp monster.

However, the short clip sticks to showcasing the "user" remotely operating the doors, rear clam and frunk lid, which are part of the real car's Autoskin system (think: hydraulic actuation)

Speaking of the real world, you should know that the actual Koenigsegg Jesko key fob also integrates the said feature. In fact, it also comes with a Ghost button, which makes all the movable panels move together, so you can put on a show.

The Swedish carmaker does offer the possibility to have the key fob finished in gold, while adding diamonds is also on the list (here's a Regera key fob that has been taken down this route).

And while not every Koenigsegg owner might be pleased with a touchscreen on his or her key, collector Manny Khoshbin has already taken to the comments section of the Instagram post showcasing the work to congratulate the artist.


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