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Koenigsegg Jesko Sedan Rendered as the Rumored Four-Seater

With Koenigsegg getting more traction as each new model rolls out, there's one key question for our era, which has yet to receive an answer - will the Swedes build an SUV?
Koenigsegg Jesko sedan rendering 1 photo
Company founder Christian von Koenigsegg did talk about this matter back in 2016, when he told Top Gear that his lack of love for high-riders is what prevents the Angelholm factory from brining a crossover to the world.

Of course, the brand would also have to deal with potential consumer confusion if it decided to build an SUV, since it's still a fresh arrival compared to the big names in the go-fast industry, albeit one that has beaten the latter at their own game (think: Agera RS stealing the Bugatti Chiron's top speed record).

However, Koenigsegg's head honcho did talk about the possibility of a sedan. Well, with a few years having passed since the said statement, we have yet to see any indication of a production four- or five-seater wearing the Big K badge.

Of course, this doesn't keep the Internet from dreaming about a machine that would allow the driver to share the 1,500+ horsepower experience with the whole family.

For instance, I've brought along a wonderful rendering that comes from Car News Network and portrays a Koenigsegg Jesko four-seater. Sure, this is here purely as a day-dream, as, for instance, those dihedral doors serving both rows of seats could lead to various practicality shortcomings. But the sheer idea is enough to get my heart racing and I think many of you will agree with me.

After all, Bugatti got pretty close to the idea of a sedan when it introduced the Galibier concept. It's just that the stunning machine was presented a decade ago but never became showroom reality (hey, the Lamborghini Estoque is another example of the sort). So perhaps the Swedish carmaker will once again want to steal Molsheim's thunder...


#WhatIf - Koenigsegg Jesko Sedan 🇸🇪🏁💪🏻 @carnewsnetwork If more sedans were like this, people wouldn’t be buying SUVs so much 🚙

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