Koenigsegg Jesko 300 MPH Version Rendered, Has Rear Wing Delete

When Koenigsegg dropped the Jesko bomb at the Geneva Motor Show back in May, the automaker let it slip that the newcomer would also receive a different configuration, one that would allow it to reach 300 mph.
Koenigsegg Jesko 300 MPH Version Rendered 1 photo
This sister car, if you will, is extremely important, since, for instance, it will allow Angelholm to maintain its world speed record, which is targeted by names such as Bugatti and Hennessey Performance.

Of course, with the current Jesko being the downforce monster that it is, the go-faster version would need a completely different aero configuration, one that would generate less drag.

The Swedish automotive producer has released no extra details on the matter, so, to help us pass the time, the Internet keeps coming up with renders portraying Jeskos with a rear wing delete.

We've talked about such pixel play back in May and I've brought along a fresh set of images for today.

Of course, the actual 300 mph Big K will need some form of downforce, so perhaps it will come with a massive active wing that can be retracted.

Regardless, don't expect the production model to pack the shaved look we see here - Koenigsegg started getting serious about putting rear wings on its cars following the CCX's off-track stint during the old Top Gear era, when The Stig spun due to a powersteering failure. And the company won't stop anytime soon.

Oh, and make sure to use the swipe feature of the social media post below to enjoy the complete eye candy. As noted by its maker, the spec portrayed here mixed matte black with red tinted carbon, while other red details are also on display.

P.S.: While we're talking Eggs, here's the Nurburgring-crashed One:1 that returned to the factory this week (supposedly for extra updates) after having been rebuilt with a carbon body and unveiled earlier this year.


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