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Koenigsegg Invited R2-D2 for a VIP Factory Tour, the Star Wars Robot Seems Excited

It’s Star Wars Day! Koenigsegg wanted to make this small moment count, so they’ve invited the lovely little R2-D2 for a factory tour. The well-known robot got to experience the plant with the help of the CEO. Here’s how it went down.
Christian von Koenigsegg and R2-D2 7 photos
R2-D2R2-D2R2-D2 and Koenigsegg's CEOR2-D2 and Koenigsegg's CEOR2-D2 and Koenigsegg's CEOR2-D2 and Koenigsegg's CEO
May the 4th be with you, passionate driver! You’ll need a lot of inner force to survive this context we’re finding ourselves in right now. But let’s not reminisce or be angry. Yoda told us, “cowards are those who follow the dark side.” Let’s stay on track because “always in motion is the future.”

On this specific day every year, Star Wars fans celebrate the phenomenon that was the amazing franchise. It’s a good opportunity to unwind, watch an old movie with friends, or get creative! That’s what this Swedish automaker did.

Given that Porsche’s Taycan is very closely matched with the Star Wars vibe and the sporty all-electric car even provides a cabin experience that’s similar to what you can hear in the space-opera franchise, we would have expected them to go on social media channels and make a fuss about May 4th, 2022. Instead, here comes Koenigsegg with an epic idea that’s been executed masterfully.

Christian von Koenigsegg made sure R2-D2 had the warmest welcome as he took the little robot to see what was inside the plant. They went together for a step-by-step experience, as you’ll be able to see in the video down below. The executive doesn’t waste any time and shows the company’s latest and greatest: the Jesko Absolut. R2-D2 is visibly happy, but the machine is also keeping its distance from the hypercars. It seems like traveling on the road is not something the famous robot wants to do.

The host is being kind and offers a ride into a Koenigsegg that awaits a specialist’s magic touch and some important parts, but R2-D2 doesn’t want to ride on an unfinished car. It immediately reacted with a clear “no!” You’ll be happy to know everything’s on camera, and the sounds are just amazing to hear!

At the end of the day, let's remember that "a Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and defense, never for attack.”


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