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Koenigsegg CCX Loses Body Panels For "Weight Reduction", Causes a Stir

Spending one's time on social media means serious filtering is required, as you are constantly bombarded with media whose description may or may not be accurate. Of course, many allow themselves to be tricked and this is how we end up with hilarious reactions to trolling videos. And we shall exemplify this with the help of the Koenigsegg sitting before us.
Koenigsegg CCX Loses Body Panels 4 photos
Koenigsegg CCX Loses Body PanelsKoenigsegg CCX Loses Body PanelsKoenigsegg CCX Loses Body Panels
This Egg is a CCX. Part of the second generations of Angelholm machines, this toy brought plenty of fame to the company after breaking the Top Gear lap record back in 2006. Yes, this is the one that saw Stiggie spinning, with the carmaker eventually adding a wing to the machine.

Well, those kind of aero habbits are still in place today. For instance, the owner of this CCX, which is chassis #39, has decided to add what he calls a Ghost Package to the beast.

The Ghost Pack is actually an aero-boosting kit the automotive producer released for the Regera. And it seems like Jeffrey, the aficioando whose collection holds this V8 monster, has gone for a similar treatment.

As such, the 806 hp vehicle temporarily lost its frunk and engine covers, with these receiving the said downforce work (you can check out a sample in the second clip below, but prepared for some intense action) - since we mentioned the factory output of the vehicle, I have to explain this has been boosted meanwhile, as the owner has installed certain mods, such as a custom exhaust setup.

And when Jeffrey hit Instagram with a video of his Koenigsegg driving around in stripped-out fashion, there were quite a few comments talking about this "weight reduction" (the trolling bait the gear head had used) being wrong and how it will have a massive negative impact on the car's aero.

To me, having less body panels on this Koenigsegg CCX brings it closer to the look of a go-kart. And who doesn't love twin-turbo go-karts?


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