Knockout Slick Styled 700-HP LT4-Powered Chevy Camaro Just Ozzes Heart and Passion

Restoring cars is a like a bug. Once you've got it, you'll have to endure it to the end – there's no turning back. Watching an abandoned shell of a car, stripped to the bone, transform into a crisp, straight-line, factory-spec end product is more therapeutic than anything your health insurance provider can recommend. But there's one problem – it doesn't come cheap.
Supercharged LT4 1969 Camaro 14 photos
Photo: YouTube Screenshot/AutotopiaLA
Supercharged LT4 1969 CamaroSupercharged LT4 1969 CamaroSupercharged LT4 1969 CamaroSupercharged LT4 1969 CamaroSupercharged LT4 1969 CamaroSupercharged LT4 1969 CamaroSupercharged LT4 1969 CamaroSupercharged LT4 1969 CamaroSupercharged LT4 1969 CamaroSupercharged LT4 1969 CamaroSupercharged LT4 1969 CamaroSupercharged LT4 1969 CamaroSupercharged LT4 1969 Camaro
If you've been following custom car stories, you probably read about the cleanest 1966 Chevy Nova SS we featured a week ago. The OCD level of crispness and detail remain unrivaled. It was the product of Arizona-based Lakeside Speed & Shine.

On a recent upload on YouTube, Shawn of AutotopiaLA featured another meticulously built classic American muscle car from the Arizona-based builders, a 700 hp (710 ps) 1969 Chevrolet Camaro by Jim McKay.

Like the '66 Nova SS, this '69 Camaro has an interesting story. According to McKay, the owner came in for a simple paint job. It was initially red, with an LS1 under the hood – a decent driver's car.

Lakeside Speed & Shine team scheduled it for a color change and, after a few back-and-forths with the owner – made the decision to transform it into the beautiful monster it currently is.

Runs a dry-sump LT4 powerplant

Supercharged LT4 1969 Camaro
Photo: YouTube Screenshot/AutotopiaLA
The initial idea was to get an LS3, but since the project ran during the pandemic, they experienced all the supply bottleneck issues that summarized that period and couldn't source a unit within the US. They settled for an LT4.

Talking about its outstanding metalwork and duteously fabricated exterior is an understatement; what will blow your mind is what lies underneath.

It's running a supercharged 6.2-liter LT4 crate engine rated at 650 hp (659 ps) and 650 lb-ft (830 Nm) of torque. Running it stock could have been boring. Therefore, the team added a couple of mods to gain some extra kick and achieve its current output of 700 hp (710 ps).

It runs all stock internals. For increased boost, the folks at Lakeside Speed & Shide incorporated a downsized pulley. They also fitted a new Billet supercharger lid with matching valve covers from MPI Performance.

"We are going to call it around 700 at the crank, stock 650. Everybody claims that they are getting 100 horsepower between a pulley and a tune, but also realistically, we are probably at 700," McKay said about the Camaro's power output after the swap and mods.

Carbon work done by Anvil Auto

Supercharged LT4 1969 Camaro
Photo: YouTube Screenshot/AutotopiaLA
To harness all that power, the team installed a 4L75 Supermatic transmission (4-speed automatic transmission). It retains the horseshoe shifter it initially had per the client's request.

McKay's team also ensured they channeled the intake into the cold air take system. Therefore, everything gets ducted through the right-hand side corner pockets next to the front headlamp to prevent pulling heat generated inside the engine bay.

It also runs BMR headers with a fully customized stainless steel exhaust system with cool rear-side exhaust tips.

If you are going to run a 700 hp (710 ps) muscle car, you'll need bigger brakes for optimum stopping power. McKay's team settled for manual Wilwood brakes.

They say, 'No man is an island.' Well, we wouldn't be admiring this build if the folks at Lakeside Speed & Shine didn't collaborate with Anvil Auto.

Carbon looks great on any car, but some builders are guilty of 'overdoing' their carbon, and more often than not, the result is less pleasing to the eyes. McKay's vision for the build was to have a gloss white, matte black combination to flow with the carbon.

Tasteful integration of metal work and carbon fiber on this '69 Camaro

Supercharged LT4 1969 Camaro
Photo: YouTube Screenshot/AutotopiaLA
The folks at Anvil Auto did a fantastic carbon job on this '69 Camaro. Carbon was subtly and tastefully incorporated into this build, and as you'll notice in the video, little bits of carbon pop up on the door handles, spoiler, and under the hood, making the perfect contrast to the vehicle's crisp pearl shade.

But what makes the carbon job on this classic muscle pop the most is the customized Anvil Auto split-nose front spoiler.

"So we wanted to integrate our metal into their carbon fiber piece, and we kinda took their design. We added our lower splitters and our diffusers into it and built it to a really killer combo, and actually, now it's funny because Anvil's getting hit left and right because everybody's seen this setup," McKay confessed about Anvil's customized split-nose front spoiler.

The front spoiler is undoubtedly a looker, but the front Dapper headlights and fog combo complete the look. McKay's crew wired the halos into the turn signals (shaved side turn markers); therefore, during the day, the front daylight running lights double up as turn signals.

Pro Touring IFS suspension kit

Supercharged LT4 1969 Camaro
Photo: YouTube Screenshot/AutotopiaLA
Like the '66 Chevy Nova featured on a previous upload, McKay and his team used TCI front and rear suspension (Pro Touring IFS Kit). Their '66 Nova build had a rectangular tube with brown tip supports, while the '69 Camaro used a full round tube.

The '69 Camaro also received the torque arm suspension with a four-link treatment.

It's running 335s on the 20s at the rear and 265s on 19s at the front, a solution which, paired with the stance, gives it a distinctively stylish look.

There's no doubt that this 1969 Camaro looks great. But how does it drive? We recommend checking out that and more in the video below.

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