Klepper Backyak Is a Four Season Watercraft You’ll Want

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Klepper BackyakKlepper BackyakKlepper BackyakKlepper BackyakKlepper BackyakKlepper BackyakKlepper BackyakKlepper BackyakKlepper Backyak
Whether you’re among the lucky folks that live in an area with only mild seasons or you have to go through freezing winters and hot summers every year this will sure interest you. Some love winter sports like skiing or sledding, others love recreational sailing and some simply love kayaking. What if we were to tell there’s something that has them all together and you can carry it as a backpack.
And before you start telling us you have seen similar inflatable vessels before you pack and carry on your back, we need to tell we’re dealing with carbon fiber here. The modular watercraft that is exactly what the name hints at, a kayak that can hike to water’s edge on your back. It’s also a sailboat, a snow sled and a floating sun deck. The Germans over at Klepper are renown for their century-old history of manufacturing folding kayaks for easy transport and storage, yet this puppy takes recreational sports to a whole new level.

The Backyak is a six-piece vessel that breaks down into two separate 22 lbs (10 kg), drum-shaped backpacks that strap to the shoulders of two paddlers. That would be the only side kick, the fact you’re going to need a second person to use the watercraft to its complete potential.

According to Keppler, the design offers enough stability for rivers, lakes and even oceans, though it does recommend using air sponsons in rougher waters. But this is far from being the coolest part of the hybrid construction. If you don’t feel like making any effort you simply go for the “relax” mode which means turning the two kayaks into hulls strapped together by a bathing platform.

Sail or sled

On top of this there is also a sail available that takes 15 minutes to build, which once installed turns the watercraft into a sailing catamaran. But since the Germans want you to take advantage of your hybrid water toy, they are also offering a snow package, that will make this puppy a winter toy too. This option simply turns the Backyak into a sled-for-two with a set of steerable front rails and a sharp sled nose.

Sure, smart engineering and four-season fun won’t come cheap which is why, according to Gizmag, you’ll need at least EUR 5,000 ($5,650) to get the basic single two-person kayak kit. The prices range up to EUR 11,000 ($12,450) for the full five-configuration set-up.

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