Kitsune Shows How Much Camping Can Take Place in a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4x4

Campers seem to be making a comeback. With the way we’ve all been locked up in our homes these past few months, everybody seems to be itching for an escape. And Christmas is the perfect time to manipulate your family members into buying something like this.
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Photo: Norva Adventure Vehicle
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So, what exactly is this you’re going to try and talk everyone into buying? The Kitsune from Norva. Why? Just keep reading. It’s how Canadians do expeditions or camping, and it is a frenzy of technologies and perks. The first thing to mention is the use of a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4X4 as a base vehicle. We all know how those are setup, and how much power they have.

But for the Kitsune, it’s not necessarily about power, but rather comfort. Sure, the vehicle you’re going to be using on your expeditions should perform, and the Sprinter does. But the main reason why they chose a Sprinter is space. Think about it like this. The entire thing is just a cargo van. Small enough to fit in one parking spot, but large enough to be your home for however long you can stand your own smell.

To keep that smell in and prevent sudden temperature changes, the Kitsune is equipped with four-season insulation. Keeping all that insulation in its place without adding too much weight to the ride is poplar paneling. And not just any poplar. How Norva likes to put it, “European sustainable plantation poplar.” Throw in a heavy-traffic flooring, and you can fall asleep with your mud-ridden boots without annoying your significant other.

Kitsune Camper
Photo: Norva Adventure Vehicle
One of the main necessities anytime you’re out on the road is food. And if you don’t have any, at least a place to prepare some eventual meals would be nice. Well, we wouldn’t be showing you this if it didn’t at least have a kitchen. Here we find everything you could absolutely need for an escape from quarantine. A fridge is first on the list, clearly. Up next, the sink with folding faucet and glass cover, a diesel cooker, and finally, removable cabinets. Anything else you might want? What about an oven? Sure, you could probably talk to the team, and they’d do their best to fit one in for you. We’ll talk about the add-ons shortly.

Up next, there's the all-important bedroom. What the team has done with it is nothing short of magnificent. Aside from the text you’re about to read, make sure you head to the bottom of the page and watch the video. Actually, it’s best you watch that video because what is possible with the Norva Cameleon bed system is sizzling. Check out the bunk bed system too. To make everything comfy, a Webasto heating and cooling system is also available.

Plumbing is handled by an on-demand water pump with a 21-gallon (80-liter) fresh and gray water tank. An interior and exterior shower are both available in case your own smell gets too strong. And to keep the entire system safe no matter what (four-season, remember), it all runs through a winterization by-pass.

Kitsune Camper
Photo: Norva Adventure Vehicle
Honestly, don’t worry about electrical, that’s all I've got to say. If I was to enumerate all the electrical perks, we’d be here a while. But just to get an idea, we are sustained by five 110 Ah lithium batteries which get their juice from two 90W solar panels and another 130W panel. Oh, and there’s a 2,000W inverter and charger as well.

As the sort of vehicle meant to take you away from it all, the interior is decked out with more tools and workspace that my own garage (I have no garage). To get a quick idea of the options and accessories you can order, here’s a few; bike mount, ski and board racks, air compressor, bike stand, widow covers, a safe, and a removable toilet.

A few other benefits are available too, but I have to go cook dinner. What? I'm human too. But if you want to see a bit more about the Kitsune click here. You’ll probably do what I did and just end up skipping dinner while daydreaming about this not-so-soccer-mom van.

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