Kirobo Astronaut Robot Bags Two Guinness World Record Titles

Kirobo Toyota Robot 1 photo
Photo: Toyota
The funky-looking Kirobo robot created by a joint venture between Toyota, RCAST and Robo Garage received two Guinness World Record awards upon its return to Earth.
There's a certain wise-oozing phrase saying "it's not enough to do it, it's also important how you do it" and someone was all ears during the philosophy lesson.

Yes, we're talking about Kirobo, Toyota's space robot that came back on Earth more than one month ago, ending an adventure on the International Space Station (ISS). On February 10, the robot splashed down in the Pacific Ocean but by successfully ending its trip, Kirobo secured two Guinness World Record medals.

As things stand, Kirobo is the first companion robot in space after it arrived at the International Space Station on 9 August 2013. Furthermore, the big-eyed Kirobo was the first robot to have a conversation at 414.2 km (257 miles) above sea level, on 7 December 2013.

Don't think that the robot's mission in space had only fun and record-setting in its agenda. Toyota wanted Kirobo to test speech recognition modules that would equip later on the company's cars here, on Earth.

The being said we can assume that Toyota is looking to build cars for future human colonies on the Moon or Mars since such testing could have been easily conducted on the Blue Planet as well.

However, Kirobo will no doubt be a road opening machine for the future, considering that the robot's 'brain' controls a natural language processing feature, telecom functions and a facial recognition camera.
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