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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Enjoy Paris in Black Porsche Panamera

There's not much happening in Kim K. and Kanye W. land. They're back home, she's losing the baby weight and everything is peachy keen, hunky-dory.
Kanye and the blacked out Porsche 1 photo
However, a couple of weeks ago, the Hollywood couple were enjoying the Paris nightlife, taking in the sights and glamour at the Paris Fashion Week.

An adequatly glamorous vehicle was needed for K&K, and their entourage found just the thing, a blacked out Porsche Panamera. Nothing can be worse than being harrased by the paparazzi in your car, if we're to go by what happened to Lady Diana, so the Panamera is fast and agile, blacked out like the Stealth Fighter and features tinted windows.

Still, once they come out of the car, the couple are bombarded with camera flashes from every direction. It's the price to pay for having big bank accounts and more G-Wagons than a sheikh.

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