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Kid Street Races Dad's Tesla Model S P85D, Turbo Supra and 700 WHP Evo Attack

The world still doesn't seem to have gotten tired of seeing the Tesla Model S showing suck-squeeze-bang-blow performance that demonstrates electric vehicles are not slow anymore. So here we are, giving you another episode of Tesla Model S P85D against the world.
Tesla Model S street racing 1 photo
On this occasion, we're talking about what appears to be a youngster who grabbed the keys to his father's Tesla.

There's a classic recipe when it comes to street racing a Model S. If possible, it all starts with a trip to Mexico, since the arm of the law is much shorter over there, at least when it comes to such shenanigans.

The next step is to wait on the side of the road, looking out for the stereotypical machines. You know, stuff like the Toyota Supra or anything that you can hear from half a mile away.

This kid seems to follow the plan pretty closely, which leads to him using the Tesla's charge to go up against a number of seriously fast cars.

The list of vehicles that battled it out with the P85D the night this footage was captured seems to be balanced towards JDM metal, but American muscle isn't missing.

We're dealing with a Subaru STI (the hatchback version), a Chevrolet SS, as well as Toyota Supras (we didn't mention the 2JZ bearer by accident above). There's also a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo that joins the party. With the Evolution packing 700 hp at the wheels, things get rather hot during the run.

Despite the Evo's infamous all-wheel-drive, the guy behind the wheel decides to go for a rolling start, with the Tesla driver following suit. Hit the "play" button below and you'll see what we mean.

P.S.: Since Tesla has recently upgraded the Model S' ability to pull stagerring starts, expect a new wave of races to hit us soon.

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